Objectives of the Journal
The objectives of the Journal shall be to:

  • Build a culture of writing and publishing at Haramaya University College of Law and beyond
  • Enhance the reputation of Haramaya University and the College of Law;
  • Provide an incentive and a forum for faculty publication as well as a model for student academic writing;
  • Contribute to legal scholarship within Ethiopia, Africa, and beyond;
  • Bring best practices, notes and issues to the wider community;
  • Provide a useful source of legal information and literature for the law schools/faculties and practitioners

The scope of the Journal

  • HLR publishes scholarly works on any topic relevant to the legal community, including analysis of domestic or international laws and cases, the African
    Union and other international organizations, challenges and lessons from domestic practice, and riginal field research.

Frequency and Timing

  • The Journal shall be published at least once a year at the end of Ethiopian fiscal year.
  • Special issue can be published in consultation with the advisory board and College Academic Commission (AC)

 Core Values of the Journal

The Journal shall work for and ensure the following core values:

  • Academic Excellence, as a core value of any educational institution, will serve as a measure of the acceptability of the Journal in the academic world.
  • The Journal endeavors to provide an excellent platform for academicians, members of the judiciary and members of the different legal professions to establish their professional competence.
  • Relevancy to the Ethiopian legal system and education, problem solving and demand driven research findings are the priorities of Journal.  
  • Originality of the contributions is the primary requirement for consideration for publication in the Journal. Therefore, the Journal seeks original works and will not ordinarily consider publishing an article that has appeared elsewhere.
  • The promotion of legal science and a critical and analytical approach to law as its main objectives the Journal publishes contributions of a high academic standard.
  • The Journal focuses on clarity of thought and accuracy in presentation of socio-legal issues.
  • The Journal is committed to academic integrity and seeks to publish contributions that meet the requirements of high ethical standards.